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This noncredit certificate is your pathway into a career in food service and hospitality. Students will learn culinary basics, food preparation, and how to manage a successful food service establishment, including:
• Cooking Techniques and Processes
• Bakeshop Elements and Equipment
• Dining Room and Kitchen Management

Students must successfully complete ALL courses to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Culinary Basic Training (126 Hours)
​VOC ED 539Food Handler’s Card (18)
VOC ED 540Culinary: Elements Of Cooking Technique​s (36)
​VOC ED 541 Culinary: Baking Skills (36)
VOC ED 542Culinary: Dining Room Service & Garde Manger (36)

​​Additional Support​

​VOC ED 543 ​Culinary: Basic Math Skills For Culinary Professionals (18)
ESL NC 360​Vocational English as a Second Language 
Enroll in VESL (ESL NC 360)​​.
Email for more information. 

Certificate of Completion Form​​​​​​​​​
If you have completed all the required classes, fill out and submit this form to the Office of Adult and Community Education at​. This form must be completed and submitted to receive the certificate. ​Certificate of competency will be mailed in 6-8 weeks. ​​

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Summer 2022

VOC ED 541​: Baking 
Section          Date                     Day                Time                        Location
14188            6/14-7/17             Tu & We          6:00pm-9:20pm       SU230

VOC ED 539: Food Handlers 
Section          Date                        Day                Time                        Location
14189             6/16-7/14                Thu                6:00pm-9:20            SU230

VOC ED 540: Elements of Cooking Techniques
Section          Date                        Day                Time                        Location
14791              7/18-8/18                 Tu & We          6:00pm-9:20pm        SU 230

Fall 2022

VOC ED 539: Food Handlers Card
Section          Date                        Day                Time                        Location
17115       9/01-10/20                    Thu        6:00PM - 8:05PM      SU 230

VOC ED 540: Elements of Cooking
Section          Date             Day                Time                        Location
17116           8/30-10/20    Tu & Wed    6:00PM - 8:05PM      SU 230

VOC ED 541: Baking Skills
Section          Date                        Day                Time                        Location
17117           10/26-12/14            Tu & Wed        5:30PM - 9:45PM      SU230

VOC ED 542: Dining Room Management
Section          Date                      Day                Time                        Location
26389           9/01-10/20            Mo                6:00PM - 8:05PM      SU 230
Section          Date                     Day                Time                        Location
26284           10/26-12/14          Mo                5:30PM - 9:45PM      SU230

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