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What is Articulation?

When the word "articulation" is used in education, it often has different meanings and connotations, depending on the setting.  Articulation, for our purposes, refers specifically to course articulation--that is, the process of developing a formal, written agreement that identifies courses (or sequences of courses) on a "sending" campus that are comparable to, or acceptable in lieu of specific course requirements at a "receiving" campus.  Successful completion of an articulated course assures the student and the faculty that the student has taken the appropriate course, received the necessary instruction and preparation, and that similar outcomes can be assured, enabling progression to the next level of instruction at the receiving institution.

- From the Handbook for California Articulation Policies and Procedures


Elizabeth Colocho
Articulation Officer
Professor of Counseling, Distance Learning Certified
(310) 233-4043

Articulation Resources

LACCD Resources

State of California Resources

  • Assist.org – provides information about transferability of California Community College courses to CSU & UC schools, major requirements, and list of majors offered!
  • Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID) - provides information about the system-wide CSU (California State University) Course Identification Numbering