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Welcome​ to Accounting​​

The Business Division's Accounting program is for students who wish to transfer to a university or to develop skills for employment.

Students will gain skills necessary for employment in entry-level positions such as bookkeeper, accounting clerk, or assistant auditor. Skills required for maintaining records, controlling finances, and preparing financial reports are taught.

Students who wish to transfer should complete the A.A. in Business Administration.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a firm understanding and working knowledge of basic accounting terminology and the process by which transactions are analyzed and transformed into financial statements.

  • Demonstrate the ability to identify key issues, select relevant data, and think critically and analytically about the possible solutions for the financial problem encountered.

  • Receive and process written and oral financial information and prepare an appropriate response for management, investor, clients, or other fellow professionals, demonstrate effective use of technology applicable to accounting practice and procedures.

  • Analyze and interpret financial activities to identify and anticipate problems and find acceptable solutions for the individual or organization served.

  • Demonstrate the ability to act with integrity and honesty and choose an ethical course of action in allcontacts with employers, clients, co- workers, and general public.


  • Fredrick Ho
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    Contact Info (email: hofk@lahc.edu, phone: 310-233-4183, office #: Tech 204)

  • Wendy Hoffman
    Office Hours: By Appointment
    Contact Info (email: hoffmawk@lahc.edu, phone: 310-233-4257, office #: Tech 204)