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The Business program offers three-degree options, an Associate in Arts in Business Administration, an Associate in Science in Business, and an Associate in Science in Business for Transfer. Students may also obtai​n a Certificate of Achievement in Business Administration and Skills Certificates in Business, Finance, Legal Studies, Management and Supervision, Marketing, Retail Management, and Advanced Retail Management.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to demonstrate mastery of the following outcomes:

  • The ability to demonstrate a firm understanding and working knowledge of the basic functions of a
    business enterprise, including the following components: business entrepreneurship, economics, business law, finance,
    human resource management, and marketing.
  • Demonstrate a firm understanding of the communication process in a business and professional setting, including written, oral (including non-verbal), and electronic communication, and active listening.
  • Evaluate issues across the range of business functional areas by recognizing and analyzing problems using creativity, sound judgment, and business principles; and interpret business conditions, activities, or problems to provide solutions and means of continuous improvement in functional areas with consideration to the impact of the solutions on business enterprise “Big Picture”.
  • Demonstrate actions of integrity, honesty and ethical, socially responsible in decision-making and interaction with customers, co-workers, employers, the general public and society in general.

Faculty:​ In Alphabetical Order

Ramon Baltazar               email: baltazr@lahc.edu

Disciplines: Business, International Business, Management, and Marketing

Sean Kelleher                  email: kellehss@lahc.edu

Disciplines: Business, Finance, International Business, Management, and Marketing

George Kolarov               email: kolarog@lahc.edu

Discipline: Finance

Janet Laurin                     email: laurinjl@lahc.edu    

Disciplines: Business, Management, and Marketing        

Kathrine Maschler           email: maschlkj@lahc.edu

Disciplines: Business 

Rodger McGinness          email:  mcginnerm@lahc.edu  

Disciplines: Business, Management, and Marketing           

Dorothy Phillips.              email: philidc@lahc.edu  

Disciplines: Business and Management           

Dorothy Presley               email: presle@lahc.edu   

Discipline: Business

Aileen Wilson-Aus.          email: wilsonam@lahc.edu

Disciplines: Business and Management