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Welcome to the Communications Division

The Communications Division includes the following departments: Developmental Communications, English, English as a Second Language (credit), English as a Second Language (non-credit), Journalism, Spanish, French, and Japanese.  

Faculty and staff in our division are unified in our mission to support students in developing strong reading, writing, and critical thinking skills—skills essential for engaged global citizenship. Students with strong language skills will find their college classes easier to ace. And after college, they'll find themselves in demand in the professional world. Students who study foreign languages will find that those skills  open up many doors in the work world, and will also find themselves more at home in a variety of different cultures. And students who study Journalism will improve not only their critical thinking and writing skills, but also their listening and observation skills.   

Communications Division faculty are trained to use a wide range of teaching methods to meet students’ varied learning styles. Students who complete our classes will acquire skills that will put them at an advantage in college and in the work world, and that will enrich their personal lives.

Contact Information

Ann Warren, Division Chair
NEA 297, (310) 233-4250

Saray Diaz, Secretary
NEA 2​​97R, (310) 233-4252

Degrees & Certificates




Developmental Communications Faculty

Shazia Khan

Instructor, Developmental Communications
NEA 255, Phone 310-233-4242
B.A., CSU Fullerton, M.A., University of LaVerne

English Faculty

Karen Amano-Tompkins

Instructor, English
NEA 254, Phone 310-233-4219
B.A., Cornell University; M.A., Columbia University

Stephanie Brown

Instructor, English
NEA 252, Phone 310-233-4236
B.A., CSU Dominguez Hills, M.F.A., Mills College

Carmen Carrillo


Professor, English
NEA 261, Phone 310-233-4259
B.A., Loyola-Marymount University; M.A., University of Iowa


John Corbally

Associate Professor, English
NEA 273, Phone 310-233-4239
B.A., M.A., CSU Los Angeles; post-grad work, Oxford, England

Jean Grooms

Assistant Professor, English
NEA 265, Phone 310-233-4258
B.S., Middle Tennessee State University;
M.A. CSU Dominguez Hills

Christian Lozada

Instructor, English
NEA 253, Phone 310-233-4244
B.A, M.A., CSU Long Beach

Joelle Mendoza

Instructor, English/PACE
NEA 155, Phone 310-233-4292
B.A., M.A., University of California Riverside


Hale Savard

Assistant Professor, English
NEA 271, Phone 310-233-4241
B.A., M.A., CSU Long Beach


Kent Stoddart

Office NEA 263, Phone 310-233-4217
B.A., M.A., CSU Los Angeles

Jennifer Triplett

Instructor, English
NEA 273, Phone 310-233-4247
B.A., University of California Santa Barbara; M.A.,
CSU Dominguez Hills; Ed.D, Pepperdine University

ESL Faculty

Andrea Cano

Instructor, English as a Second Language (ESL)
NEA 269, Phone 310-233-4221
B.A., Univ. of California, Berkeley; M.S. CSU Fullerton

Foreign Language Faculty

William Hernandez

Associate Professor, Spanish
NEA 257, Phone 310-233-4081
B.A., M.A., CSU Long Beach

Delia Renteria

Assistant Professor, Spanish
NEA 278, Phone 310-233-4235
B.A., Occidental College; M.A., CSU Long Beach

Cynthia Caloia


Assistant Professor, French and Spanish
NEA 259, Phone 310-233-4243

Journalism Faculty

Paul McLeod

Instructor, Journalism
NEA 265, Phone 310-2133-4289​
A.A. Long Beach City College; B.A. CSU Long Beach 
Lifetime CC teaching credential, CSU Long Beach