The LAHC Advanced Manufacturing & Industrial Design Career (AM&ID) Pathways combine academic and technical skills training and workplace readiness in areas of high demand. The Advanced Manufacturing & Industrial Design fields involve the design and development of products built by automated machines and offer higher average wages than jobs in the traditional manufacturing field. 
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 In 2014, LAHC partnered with the Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Technology Linked Learning (AMETLL) Consortium which was awarded the California Careers Pathways Trust (CCPT) grant through the California Department of Education.  AMETLL is aimed at addressing the significant workforce shortages in this industry cluster and is comprised of five community colleges, 13 school districts, and 29 high schools throughout Los Angeles County. 

Through the AMETLL Consortium, LAHC formed the Harbor Micro-Region and partners with feeder schools Carson High School, Phineas Banning High School and Rancho Dominguez Preparatory School.  Additionally, students in the Harbor Micro-Region are prepared for the workforce through the rigourous career preparation activities coordinated by our intermediary, International Trade Education Programs (ITEP).


NO COST SHORT-TERM CERTIFICATE PROGRAM​ that prepares you for jobs in Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial Design  

Eligibility: Must attend one information session and attend program every day.


Sign-up for an Industrial Design Information Session:  http://tinyurl.com/IDLAHC

or contact Van Benford, 310-233-4153  |  benforvt@lahc.edu for more information.



The Industrial Design (ID) Summer Program is a Career Advancement Academy (CAA) funded by the California Community College Chancellor's Office (CCCCO).  The LAHC ID program is short-term and serves as an introduction to the Advanced Manufacturing & Industrial Design (AM&ID) career pathway at LAHC.  The purpose of CAAs is to increase the supply of middle skill workers. The LAHC ID Program provides students with the foundational concepts and skills needed for AM & ID jobs.  By continuing the AM & ID pathway, students have the opportunitity to earn industry certifications and skills certificates which are desirable in industry.




Water Bottle Project  
Students created and designed a plastic water bottle using SolidWorks and 3D printers.  
This design project took 6 hours with 3 hours dedicated to 3D printing.




Cell Phone Holder Project
 Students created and designed a cell phone holder with the help and guidance from Professor
Heffern.  First the created a cardboard prototype  using the laser cutter, and then utilized plexiglass to create the actual project. The whole project took each student six hours to complete. Students learned how to design the project first and then how to properly use the laser cutter.




Marshmallow Project
Students were placed into teams of five to design and create a structure with only spaghetti strands, tape, and one marshmallow! Professor Ong made it a challenge for students, as he told the students 
that the group with the highest and most durable structure won! The goal of this assignment was to
get students to understand the importance of teamwork and basic design concepts.

Pizza Box Activity
The activity involved 20 empty pizza boxes, one vehicle, and basic mathematical formulas. Students were assigned to calculate the amount of boxes that could fit into the vehicle without getting flattened or damaged. Students were engaged and some said it was a very fun activity!





Rotational Molding, Matt Bruttrud, & Omicron Engineering Inc. : Students attended a field trip to Rotational Molding, Matt Bruttrud, and Omicron Engineering Inc on Wednesday, August 2, 2017. Students explored all three facilities and had the opportunity to network with representatives from each company. Students interested in Industrial Design enjoyed Matt Bruttrud and students with an interest in engineering favored Omicron Engineering Inc. Students interested in both disciplines appreciated all facilities.


Students visited Pasadena ArtCenter Hillside Campus on July 19, 2017. Students learned all about their design programs, toured the campus and studios, and met an admissions representative. Students with both interests in Architecture and Engineering were engaged and interested throughout the trip.

Pasadena ArtCenter.jpg 


Students visited Ace Clearwater Enterprises'  three manufacturing facilities in Paramount, Compton and Torrance.  Students learned about the manufacuturing process, techniques and equipment used by the company to produce custom aerospace parts.  ACE's customers include Lockheed Martin, GE, Honeywell and many more. 





The Industrial Design Summer Program provided students with tools, resources and support to become work ready!  Students learned and enhanced their professional skills throughout this program with the support of program staff and faculty. Students have learned how to enhance their soft skills, public speaking skills, PowerPoint skills, create a personal website, product brochure and spent a lengthy time on real-time resume writing. Most importantly, students gained skills such as the use of laser and plasma cutters, SolidWorks and AutoCAD software, calculation methods needed to design products, the use of 3D printers to produce designs and much more.  Students were coached on how to demonstrate these new skills on their updated resumes, social network profiles as well as digitally and in porfolio form. 

At the completion of the Industrial Design program, students will have created, developed and/or enhanced the following: 

  • Resume

  • Personal Website displaying pictures of design projects

  • Design Porfolio with photos and writing assignments demonstrating skills obtained through the course   

  • LinkedIn profile

  • Design Brochure