​The International Trade Education Program, in partnership with Los Angeles Harbor College


Summer 2017 Educator Externship Program


Take part in this unique opportunity to strengthen education leadership development in Los Angeles! Over the course of 4 days, educators will learn about industry specific trends to enrich student learning; how to incorporate skills and career opportunities into lesson plans; and how to make industry realities relevant in the classroom for students.


  • This externship opportunity will focus on specific career pathways in trade, transportation & logistics, engineering, general business, finance and environmental sciences.
  • This externship opportunity will be comprised of two (2), half-day work sessions, a tour and workgroup activities, followed by two (2) full days at a pathway aligned worksite.  The externship will end with a one (1) half-day work session at a premiere industry site (hours to be provided once sites are confirmed).
  • This externship designed to augment faculty expertise with industry-driven professional development, strengthen business and institutional alliances and enhance the working knowledge of  high growth/high wage careers
  • Educators will begin the externship meeting and speaking with industry experts and learn about the behind-the-scenes working of the designated facilities.
  • Up to (4) LAHC faculty will be eligible to participate based on their work a recognized career pathway.  Those faculty teaching STEM skills are also strongly encouraged to participate.
  • Externships will take place June 2017.  Candidates must be available to attend all four days.
  • Spaces are limited and competitive; LAHC Faculty will be joined by their counterparts at our local LAUSD high schools making this a perfect opportunity to meet other teachers in your profession, and align curriculum.
  • Selected participants will receive a stipend for participation and if requested, costs can be covered for substitutes to cover Summer courses.  A final report on the experience, and a demonstration of how the externship has been applied to the classroom is required.


Externship Report Content


Upon completion of this 2017 Summer Externship/Job Shadowing program, all participants are required to answer the following questions (report is limited to a maximum of five pages).  

  •  Summarize your experience during the externship.  Please provide some highlights of your experience and areas that could be improved.
  • Based on your externship experience, please describe how you will modify your curriculum, or what activity you will create and present to your students for one or more courses to be offered in the Fall semester.  
  • ​Would you participate in a similar externship/job shadow program in the future?  (If yes/no, why or why not?)  How can we improve this program in the future?

Outcomes: Once classroom content is complete, faculty should submit a demonstration and written description of how they have integrated what they learned into the classroom. 

Dissemination: Faculty is also encouraged to share new materials and discuss their experiences with other faculty during FLEX day activities, faculty workgroups through regional initiatives, and at on-campus Industry Spotlights.


For more information, contact:  Priscilla Lopez, Associate Dean of Grants Management, Economic and Workforce Development, lopezpa@lahc.edu.