​​​​STEM STEP Eligibility​

In order to sign up for the STEM STEP Program, please ensure that you meet the following requirements:​

  • Must be a full time student (12 units or more)

  • Must be getting a degree in the STE​M field and/or interested in transferring as a STEM major

  • Must be committed to completing the following requirements:

    • Meet with a dedicated STEM counselor at least ONCE a semester

    • Meet with STEM Tutors and Mentors at least once per month

    • Participate in STEM Learning Communities, including workshops, field trips, and social events.



Liberal Arts and Sciences: Mathematics and Natural Sciences (AA)

Chemistry (AS)

Engineering (AS)

Math (AS)

Math for Transfer (AST)

Physics (AS)​

Physics for Transfer (AST)


Below is a video of the three-day Out-of-State field trip that our STEM STEP students attended in Summer 2019: