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Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT)

  • Mathematics (AS-T)
  • Physics (AS-T)
For more information on ADTs and why they are important, please visit the Transfer Center​.

Associate Degrees
  • Biotechnology (AS)
  • Chemistry (AS)
  • Computer Information Systems (AS)
  •  Computer Science and Engineering (AS)
  • Computer Technology (AS)
  • Engineering (AS)
  • Engineering Technology: Electronics (AS)
  • Engineering Technology: Mechanical Manufacturing (AS)
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Mathematics and Natural Sciences (AA)
  • Mathematics (AS)
  • Physics (AS)

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  • Biotechnology Lab Assistance (CA)
  • Biotechnology Research Lab Assistant (CA)
  • Computer Technology (CA)
  • Computer Repair Technology (SC)
  • Computer Science (SC) 
In addition, if you are interested in transferring to a California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC) 
school, you may also complete a certificate for either the CSU GE or IGETC).

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If you are interested in transferring as a STEM student, there are many different majors to choose from. 
Below is a slide with a few of the most popular majors listed. 

For a more in depth list please click here.

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