​​​​The Honors Transfer Program

A cooperative effort between Los Angeles Harbor College and the following universities: UCLA, UC Irvine, UC Berkeley, UC Riverside, University of Arizona, University of Michigan, Azusa Pacific University, Pitzer College, Pomona College, Chapman University, Occidental College, Loyola Marymount University, Mills College and La Sierra University.


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It is intended to serve students interested in a challenging curriculum designed to prepare them for transfer. Students who complete the honors curriculum, and preparation for their major (with at least a 3.1 GPA), will receive:


Benefits of the Honors Program:
  • Enriched coursework designed in cooperation with university faculty
  • Specialized academic and personal counseling
  • Admission preference over all students applying to the participating universities
  • Inexpensive, high quality instruction
  • Designated scholarships for Honors Transfer students
  • Admission to University Honors Programs
  • Honors students are eligible to apply for honors designated scholarships that range in amount from $300-$5,000+
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities

This program is also beneficial for students who plan to transfer to any other four year institutions. Qualified students may elect to take Honors classes without being in the Honors Program. Interested students should contact the Honors Counselor to determine enrollment eligibility. 

Honors Transfer Requirements
  • Completion of preparation for the major
  • Completion of six honors courses
  • Completion of all lower division breadth curriculum or IGETC
  • Completion of a minimum of a 3.1 GPA or higher, or as required by the transfer institutions
  • Participation in at least one form of campus or community service each semester
  • Completion of Library Science 

* Please view the following websites for specific details regarding admission offers, scholarships and admission to University Honors Programs:

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HTCC (Honors Transfer Council of California)

HTCC​ (Honors Transfer Council of California) new

UCLA-TAP (Transfer Alliance Program)

UCLA-Honors (College of Honors at UCLA)

UCI Honors to Honors Program (nomination)

UCI (TAG - Transfer Admissions Guarantee)


UC Transfer Admission (Review Factors)

UC Berkeley (Holistic Review)


Honors Research Symposiums:


Bay Honors Consortium (UC Berkeley/Stanford)


For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact:


Lyndsay Madru

Honors Counselor

(310) 233-4538

SU Room 207

Email: madruln@laccd.edu

Dr. Joachin Arias

Honors Director

(310) 233-4511

SCC Room 259

Email: Arias

 Email: Honors Program​

 Honors Transfer Club Information

Email: Yvonne Pueblos​