Literacy Center​

Request a tutoring appointment

Steps to request tutoring

  1. Click on the request a tutoring appointment link above.  You will be directed to the Penji website.
  2. Click on "Get Started".  
  3. Sign in with your laccd student email.  If its your first time you will create a password.
  4. Select your school: LAHC|LRC
  5. Select an appointment type: single (one time) or weekly
  6. Click "Join class" and select the class you would like tutoring for.
  7. Click on the class you just selected
  8. Select a day and time.  Available times are highlighted in blue.
  9. Select a tutor. 
  10. Choose meeting location (online or in person)
  11. Tell us what you would like to work on during your session.
  12. Review your appointment information and complete your request. 

Lab Hours: 

In Person/Online
Monday: 11am-1pm
Tuesday: 9am-11am
Wednesday: 11am-1pm
Thursday 9am-11am

​​​​​Directed Learning Activities


Main Ideas and Supporting Details.pdf

Textbook and Reading Patterns.pdf

Time Management.pdf

VARK Learning Styles Activity.pdf

Additional resources:

Contact: Nicole Shawver-Instructional Assistant, Language Arts