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LAHC Catalogs contain detailed information on policies, procedures, resources, program requirements, and course des​criptions. Students are held responsible for all information in the Catalog. ​All changes are effective for the duration of the catalog years originally published unless otherwise noted. 

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2021-2023 College Catalog CLICK HERE

2019-2021 College Catalog 2020-2021 with Addendum
2019-2021 College Catalog CLICK HERE

2018-2019 Catalog CLICK HERE
2016-2018 Catalog CLICK HERE
2014-2016 Catalog CLICK HERE

2012-2014 Catalog CLICK HERE

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Use this link for information on online classes, CANVAS, and online class resources.  If you would like to add into an online class that is already closed, you must contact the instructor by email to request a permission code to add the class.  Instructors are listed in the Schedule of Classes.  



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