What is Program Mapper?

  • Organized by Transfer, Career, and Academic Pathways (TCAPs), groups of similar programs that are designed to help you select a program of study and speed your progress towards completion.

  • A visual representation of LAHC’s catalog (degrees, certificates, and course descriptions) that shows a term-by-term sample map.

  • Includes information on occupations and careers commonly associated with each program, typical wages, and the labor market demand for California.

How to use the Program Mapper

program mapper icon

  • Select a Transfer, Career, and Academic Pathway to explore.

  • Once you’ve selected the pathway of choice, you’ll see the Certificates and Degrees Map which lists the various degrees and certificates available at Los Angeles Harbor College.

  • Below that is the Career Explorer which presents potential careers and occupations with descriptions, job growth predictions, and average expected salary range.

  • On the next page, you will find a brief description of the degree and a term-by-term map to effectively choose the correct courses towards completion.

Make a Plan with a Counselor

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Program Mapper FAQ

  • ​Does the Program Mapper replace the need to meet with a counselor?
    No, students should still meet with a counselor at least once each semester to discuss educational goals, planning, and progress.

  • Is a Program Map the same as an Education Plan?
    No, a program map simply highlights the Degree or Certificate requirements for a program semester-by-semester. It is just one possible sample path to degree or certificate completion.

  • Can I begin in the Spring semester and follow the map?
    Possibly. Not all courses are offered fall and spring; students should meet with a counselor.

  • Can I begin as a part-time student and still follow the program map?
    Possibly. Courses may be taken at the discretion of the student and based on the student’s schedule and desired course load, however, students should meet with a counselor to ensure that courses will be appropriate/available for a part-time schedule.

  • Can LAHC be my home school, but I still take classes at another LACCD campus to complete the program?
    Yes, when selecting a course at any LACCD campus, meet with a counselor to verify course equivalency across the LACCD district.