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​Meet The Team of Chefs


1st Culinary Cup Winners 2019


Marie D. Madrid

Chef Instructor

Chef Marie Madrid joined Los Angeles Harbor College Culinary Arts department in 2013 as the Pastry Chef Instructor.

Prior to joining the staff, she studied Hospitality and Culinary Arts at City College of San Francisco, obtained her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Food Service Systems Management from San Francisco State University and her associates degree in Professional Baking and Pastry Arts from Los Angeles Trade Technical College.ChefMarieMadrid has more than 10 years of professional experience in pastry and culinary arts from St. Vincent’s Meals on Wheel’s,RockenwagnerBakery, AeirloomBakery, and at the Central Bakery in Disneyland.In addition, she has taken additional professional development/continuing education courses from the San Francisco Baking Institute. In 2018, ChefMarieMadrid was awarded Pastry Chef of the Year from the American Culinary Federation (ACF) and currently sits on the Board of the local ACF chapter, Chefs de Cuisine of Los Angeles.

Contact Information
Email : deleonma@lahc.edu


Gregory Jackson

Adjunct Culinary Arts Instructor.

Dates: Start date, 2 February 2007, to current.

EDUCATION: AA MUSIC, San Bernardino Valley College, AS Culinary arts, LA Trade Tech, and BS Degree (Hotel & Restaurant Management) Cal Poly Pomona.

Certification: ACF Certified Sous Chef, NRA Certified Serv Safe Proctor and Instructor, Certified Management First Purchasing/Proctor, Certificate in Nutrition, and Menu Marketing Management.

Contact Information
Email : jacksogw@lahc.edu


Heamin Hwang-Kim

Chef Instructor

Heamin Hwang-kimis a Chef instructor of Culinary Arts program at Los Angeles Harbor College. She earned a certificate in Culinary Arts from Los Angeles Harbor College and a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from EwhaWomansUniversity in Korea. Chef Heamin had joined the LAHC culinary faculty as a teacher assistant then became a chef instructor in 2015. Chef Heamin has 8 year experience in food business including her own business as a current co-owner of Stereoscope Coffee Co in Buena park, OC.

Chef Heamin has outstanding skills of Korean food, table scape and fruit carving. Chef Heamin has been teaching various classes including Restaurant management, Customer service, Garde manger, Nutrition and Basic cooking skill and she won award at Traditional Thai Caving competition in 2016.

Contact Information
Email : hwangkh@lahc.edu


Jimmy Ng

Chef Instructor

Chef Ka Ng (Jimmy), Chef Instructor and Kitchen Manager at Los Angeles Harbor College for 14 years. Graduated Los Angeles Trade Technical College with a AA in Culinary Arts. Passion for teaching and desire to help students reach their educational/career goals. Committed to developing and sustaining a meaningful collaboration with our school, our students and the surrounding communities.

He teaches a variety of classes such as Aromatics, Breakfast &Lunch cookery, Culinary skills I , and Product Identification and Purchasing.

Contact Information
Email : ngks@lahc.edu


Erik Pastora

Chef Instructor

Erik Pastora has an Associate Degree in Culinary Arts from Trade-Tech. He is currently the Head Chef Instructor at Harbor and loves to share his passion of cooking to his students and to the community. Chef Pastora’slove for the kitchen began as a young boy who learned how to make cupcakes from his older sister. He went on to serve in the U.S. Marine Corps as a Food Service Specialist. After college, he worked for M’DearsDesserts Bakery & Bistro and then as a community service teacher at Harbor College. He has had stints working at the Playboy Mansion as a Banquet Chef, at King’s Hawaiian Bakery and at Avalon Villa Care Center as Head Dietary Chef.

Contact Information
Email : pastore@lahc.edu