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The mission of the Los Angeles Harbor College Service Learning Program is to engage students, faculty, college and agency staff in an endeavor that combines organized community service with college coursework.  The purpose of Service Learning is to enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills, to give greater relevancy to the relationship between classroom theory and practical application in the real world, and to encourage the development of collaborations that benefit the community.


This class requires a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer time at a local non-profit organization of your (the student's) choosing, as well as additional time completing the required forms, assignments and a final reflection (units 3-11 of the Service Learning Guidebook).    

Harbor College Service Learning Students "Serving Our Community"

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This course is offered as a fully online course (with volunteer hours offsite) or a hybrid course (students meet one day a week on campus and complete volunteer hours offsite). For the online course, students must log into CANVAS from the Student Information System.

Additional requirements for the course include the following: basic computer skills (word processing, email, file mgmt), basic internet skills (use of browser, searches, uploading and downloading files), familiarity with discussion boards, and an open mind and willingness to try new things. Students requiring accommodations should contact the instructor as soon as possible or for more information call 310-233-4629 or go to


Service Learning is a self-paced course.  Deadlines are suggested to keep students on track, however, the student is responsible for completing all requirements before the announced semester deadline.

The grading for the Service Learning 100 course is PASS/NO PASS.
You will receive 1 unit of credit if the following is met:
**Completion of the minimum 10 hours of volunteer service;
**Completion of online assignments as instructed
**Receipt of a completed SL forms including a satisfactory evaluation from the agency at which you volunteer;
**Completion of a Final Reflections (all SL Guidebook units 3-10).
  • No credit will be given if all coursework requirements are not met.
This course follows all LAHC policies as described in the college catalog (


The following instructors may offer extra credit for enrolling in and passing Service Learning 100: Dr. Elena Reigadas (Psychology), Prof. Mary Copeland (Humanities), Dr. Alexandra David (Anthropology), Prof. Mario Valadez (History), Prof. Yesenia King (Sociology).

Click Here to View Service Learning Guidebook ​Here

​Program Learning Outcomes 

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:​

1. Identify and demonstrate examples of civic responsibility

2. Create a reflection related to the SL course component and SL settings

3. Evaluate realistic scenarios requiring decision-making

4. Use ethical decision making in conflicting scenarios in the SL setting

5. Demonstrate observation skills

6. Report insight into your own behavior and that of others

7. Examine your role and effectiveness in the community

8. Evaluate personal biases and strengths in diverse settings

9. Summarize and synthesize the semester's experiences

10. You will also be able to evaluate the SL as it relates to your accompanying academic or vocational course.  You, the student, must maintain records, write journals, and complete the assignments in the required workbook.​


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