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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committe is the main governing body of assessments at LAHC. 

Link to the Strategic Educational Master Plan Renewal Workgroup

Committee Mission:
The Assessment Committee is a multi-purpose and dual reporting committee that provides recommendations to the College Planning Council (CPC) and has a reporting respoinsibility to the Academic Senate. The goal of the Assessment Committee is to provide a process for quality control and accountability by developing a candid analysis of the College's performance with respect to student success outcomes.


The functions of the committee are:


  • ​​Create an Institutional Assessment Plan (maps out programs, timelines, responsibilities and flow of documents)..

  • Create assessment plans for General Education and Institutional assessment.. 

  • Review assessment forms prior to publication to the web. Recommend changes if necessary. Develop and recommend policies and procedures governing learning outcomes assessment.

Program Review (Annual Unit Planning)

  • ​Recommend schedules for assessments and unit planning.

  • Develop and recommend policies and procedures governing Program Review and Unit Planning.


  • ​​Deliver planning information to appropriate college committees such as CPC, Academic Senate, and Budget Co​mmittee.
  • Keep current with requirements and activities related to assessment by ACCJC and the District. Publicize to the campus 
  • Oversee all college outcome assessments (Annual Unit Plans, SLO/SAO, PLO, ISLO and Program Review) for all clusters (Academic Affairs, Student Services, and Admininstrative Services).
  • Provide feedback regarding outcomes assessments to the appropriate cluster Vice President. Promote dialog and training about assessment issues.
  • Recommend campus-wide meetings for dialog and training about assessment issues.
  • Review campus wide assessment progress at regular intervals and recommend actions to further or improve the process.
  • Review information for accreditation reporting on assessment.​

​Other (The Assessment Committee will forward the data summary reports to the appropriate committees)

  • ​Aid the college in engaging students, faculty, community members and others in diealogue about the analysis and proposed goals and strategies.
  • Develop a candid analysis of the college's performance with respect to student outcomes, with a special focus on low-income students of color and others who face barriers to success.
  • Examine quantitative and qualitative data and present findings in a clear and compeling way that show where the college is doing well and where it needs to improve.
  • Review data and recommend set student success targets for ACCJC Annual report.​​​
  • Seek involvement of students and faculty to identify strengths and weaknesses of current college policies, structures, and services.
  • Serve as liasions on Student Success Coordinating Committee with the Institutional Effectiveness Office.​

Meeting Times: The Assessment Committee meets every third Tuesday of the month in NEA 187 at 1:30 pm. 

Composition: The committee is composed of an academic assessment co-chair (SLO Coordinator) appointed by the Academic Senate, an administrative co-chair appointed by the vice-president of Academic Affairs, representatives from the academic divisions and student/administrative services, a classified member appointed by Student Services and Administrative Services cluster, and an ASO student representative,. The Dean of Institutional Effectiveness will serve as a resource.

Additional: Research analyst from the Office of Institutional Services.​ 


Fall 2019 - Spring 2020:

Dr. Lorrie Kato
Professor, Psychology                                                                Co-Coordinator
(310) 233-4674
Role: Manages the Assessment Process

Dr. Chelvi Subramaniam
Dean,Academic Affairs
Administrative Co-Chair
(310) 233-4025
Role: Oversees the Assessment Process​

Academic Affiars
Kathy Vo (Nursing), Fredrik Ho (Buisness), Tina Weirens (Math), Karen Grgas (Child Dev.), Wagner Trinidad (Fine Arts/Humanities), Theresa Ursic (History),  Tamar Khajadourian (Library), Ann Warren (Comminications-Chair), Nabeel Barakat (Kinesiology-Chair) 

Alternates: Farrah Saddigh (Math), Wendy Hoffman (Business), Juan Baez (Humanities/Fine Arts), Alberto Pimental (Sociology)

Student Services

Kaman Ng (EOPs Director/Counseling), Dawn Reid (Dean)

Administrative Services


Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Rhea Estoya (Institutional Research Analyst)

Committee Links:

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs)

Los Angeles Harbor College Cluster/Unit Goals 

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Committee Documents:

Assessment Process Evaluation (July 2014)​​

Active Course SLOs​ (2/16/16)​

ISLO Coverage by Discipline​ (2/16/16) - Program Level Assessment

​Committee Self-Evaluation (2015-2016)​

Executive Summary 2017

Committee Self-Evaluation (2016-2017)​