​​​​​​​​The Assessment Committe is the main governing body of assessments at Los Angeles Harbor College. 


Committee Mission:
The Assessment Committee is a multi-purpose and dual reporting committee that provides recommendations to the College Planning Council (CPC) and has a reporting respoinsibility to the Academic Senate. The goal of the Assessment Committee is to provide a process for quality control and accountability by developing a candid analysis of the College's performance with respect to student success outcomes.



The functions of the committee are:



  • Create an Institutional Assessment Plan (maps out programs, timelines, responsibilities and flow of documents).​​
  • Create assessment plans for General Education and Institutional assessment.
  • Develop and recommend policies and procedures governing learning outcomes assessment.

Program Review

  • Recommend schedules for assessments and Program Review
  • Establish validation teams for program reviews.
  • Develop and recommend policies and procedures governing Program Review.


  • Deliver planning information to appropriate college committees such as CPC, Academic Senate, and Budget.
  • Keep current with requirements and activities related to assessment by ACCJC and the District. Publicize to the campus.
  • Oversee all college outcome assessments (Annual Unit Plans, SLO/SAO, PLO, ISLO and Program Review) for all clusters (Academic Affairs, Student Services, and Admininstrative Services).
  • Provide feedback regarding outcomes assessments to the appropriate cluster Vice President.
  • Recommend campus-wide meetings for dialog and training about assessment issues.
  • Review campus wide assessment progress at regular intervals and recommend actions to further or improve the process.
  • Review information for accreditation reporting on assessment.


Other (The Assessment Committee will forward the data summary reports to the appropriate committees)

  • Aid the college in engaging students, faculty, community members and others in diealogue about the analysis and proposed goals and strategies.
  • Develop a candid analysis of the college's performance with respect to student outcomes, with a special focus on low-income students of color and others who face barriers to success.
  • Examine quantitative and qualitative data and present findings in a clear and compeling way that show where the college is doing well and where it needs to improve.
  • Review data and recommend set student success targets for ACCJC Annual report.​​​
  • Seek involvement of students and faculty to identify strengths and weaknesses of current college policies, structures, and services.
  • Serve as liasions on Student Success Coordinating Committee with the Institutional Effectiveness Office.​


Meeting Times:
The Assessment Committee meets every third Tuesday of the month in SCC-271 at 1:15 pm. The next meeting will be February 20, 2018

Assessment: Assessment is the systematic collection, review, and use of information about educational programs undertaken for the purpose of improving student learning and development.

Members Fall 2017 - Spring 2018:

Dr. Joachin Arias

Professor, Chemistry​

SLO Coordinator
(310) 233-4511

Role: Manages the Assessment Process 



Dr. Ed Pai

Dean, Institutional Effectiveness

Administrative Co-Chair
(310) 233-4044
Role: Manages the Data.


Administrative Dean 

(Academic Affairs)?

Role: Manages the Divisions


Academic Affiars
Kathlene Rosales (Nursing), Fredrik Ho (Buisness), Lorrie Kato (Psychology), Tina Weirens (Math), Karen Grgas (Child Dev.), Theresa Ursic (History), Alberto Pimental (Sociology), Tamar Khajadourian (Library), Ann Warren (Comminications-Chair), Nabeel Barakat (Kinesiology-Chair), Farah Saddigh (Math/Tech-Chair),


Student Services

Kaman Ng (EOPs Director/Counseling), Dawn Reid (Dean)


Administrative Services


Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Rhea Estoya (Institutional Research Analyst)

Committee Links:

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs)

Los Angeles Harbor College Cluster/Unit Goals 

Helpful Assessment Links


Committee Documents:

Assessment Process Evaluation (July 2014)​​

Active Course SLOs​ (2/16/16)​

ISLO Coverage by Discipline​ (2/16/16) - Program Level Assessment

​Committee Self-Evaluation (2015-2016)​

Executive Summary 2017

Committee Self-Evaluation (2016-2017)​


The committee is composed of the SLO Coordinator, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, and an Academic Dean?.


Plus representatives from the academic divisions, student services, administrative services and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.


Additional: Student Success Coordinating Committee representative, research analyst from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Academic Senate representative (SLO Coordinator), AFT faculty representative, ASO student representative.