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Curriculum Com​mittee

(Academic Senate
Constitution and Bylaws, Article XIV, Section 5b, page 13)

  1. Develop college policy with respect to all current course offerings and credits and interdepartmental matters pertaining to curricula;

  2. Review and approve proposed new courses;

  3. Review and approve proposed new academic programs;

  4. Review and approve proposed program elimination or expansion;

  5. Oversee that divisions update and review course outlines every two years for articulation purposes;

  6. Review changes in course credit, repeatability, graduation requirements and academic standards;

  7. Periodically update and review the General Education plan for the Associate Degree, ​Advisory and Discipline Committee recommendations, certificate and vocational education programs, and transfer education program;

  8. Review proposed course prerequisites.


Function or Mission
(excerpted from the 
Curric​ulum Committee Policies and Procedures Manual, Section I)

The Curriculum Committee is a standing committee of the Academic Senate. Its primary function is to coordinate and evaluate curriculum development in accordance with State Education Code and Title 5 regulations, District Board Rules and Regulations, College policies and Mission Statement, and relevant governing boards and accrediting agencies. This includes the creation, modification, and deactivation of program awards (degrees and certificates) and courses. When appropriate, the Curriculum Committee also participates in processes involving curriculum development such as (but not limited to) matriculation, articulation, honors distinction, assessment, program review, and accreditation.


Meeting Times

The Curriculum Committee meets on the first Tuesday of every month during the fall and spring semesters (except District non-instruction days or unless otherwise noted). Meetings are from 1:30-3:00pm in SSA 219 unless otherwise noted.


Chair: Scott Callihan

The Curriculum Committee Roster can be found on the masthead of the meeting agenda and meeting minutes.

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