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​​Welcome to the College Planning Council

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Committee Mission:
The Council (CPC) is composed of representatives of all constituencies and is co-chaired by the president of the Academic Senate and a co-chair selected by administration.

CPC provides college-wide input on all policy issues not within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Academic Senate or the college’s collective bargaining agents, integrating the annual plans of the three college planning “clusters” into the college annual plan; and CPC decisions are made in the context of implementing or reviewing that plan as provided in the College Planning Policy and Procedures Manual. [Participatory Governance Agreement, Articles II-IV, and College Planning Policy and Procedures Manual, Article III, Section C.]


1.  Serves as the campus Committee which directs all campus policy issues to the appropriate bodies.
2.  Facilitates the planning responsibilities assigned to it in the college Planning, Policy and Procedures manual.
3.  Serves as the review body for policy issues that are not of an academic and/or professional matter.
4.  Reviews the reports of the Budget Committee and makes appropriate recommendations on the annual budget to the college president.
5.  Serves as the final level of review on implementation of budget and planning recommendations to the college president.

Meeting Times:
The College Planning Council meets on the second and fourth Mondays of every month.
Meetings begin at 1:30 PM in SSA 219.

  • Mr. Juan Baez
    Chairs, Humanities and Fine Arts Division
    (310) 233-4427
  • Dr. Luis Dorado
    Vice President, Student Services
    (310) 233-4031                    
Members: Composition:
  • 6 Faculty, including:
    • 3 AFT representatives appointed by Chapter President
    • 3 Selected as the Academic Senate will determine
  • 6 Classified Staff:
    • One selected by each of the classified units (AFT 1521A, Building & Trades, SEIU Local 99, SEIU Local 721)
    • One selected from unrepresented classified
    • One selected at large member
  • 6 Students selected by the Associated Student Body President
  • 6 Administration
    • Five appointed by the President
    • One selected by the Teamsters unit.
Nonvoting Members:
  • College President
  • CPC Co-Chairs
  • Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Facilities Director