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Budget Committee​​

Committee Mission:

The Budget Committee shall provide CPC and the cluster planning committees with all relevant college and district fiscal data and projections along with analysis of apparent fiscal trends and alternate proposed scenarios for response to these realities. The Budget Committee may provide clusters with projected allocation targets based on prior year percentages as a planning guide, but actual cluster funding results from CPC prioritization of proposed cluster activities as the college annual plan.

The Budget Committee shall see to it that the activities authorized in the college annual plan are funded in priority order by available funding from applicable sources, and that no activity is by-passed for one having lower priority except when the costs of the former exceed funding available from applicable sources and the costs of the latter do not.

 [Planning and Policy Procedure Manual]

1.  The budget committee reviews the Operational Plan, Monthly Projections, Quarterly Reports, and Cluster Expenditure Reports.
2.  The budget committee determines the dollar amount for funding the college priorities.
3.  The budget committee determines the dollar amount for funding new positions. 

Meeting Times:
The Budget Committee meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month.  
Meetings begin at 2:30 PM in SSA 219.


Committee Co-Chairs

Bob Suppelsa
Vice President, Administrative Services   
(310) 233-4052


Michael Fradkin
Instructor, Academic Senate Member
(310) 233-4351

Click here for a list of current members


  • Vice President of Administrative Services

  • 2 AFT Faculty Guild Members appointed by the AFT Chapter Chair

  • 2 Academic Senate Members appointed by the Academic Senate
    1 Student appointed by the Associated Student Body President

  • 4 Classified Staff representatives – one appointed by the AFT Classified Unit, and three appointed as per union contracts. 

  • Vice-President of Academic Affairs

  • Vice President of Student Services

  • 1 Dean appointed by Teamsters Local 911



  • The Dean of Institutional Effectiveness will be non-voting member

  • The Dean of Economic Development and Workforce Education will be non-voting member