​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Overview: SLO/SAO Assessment Process

Starting Fall semester 2015 Los Angeles Harbor College will begin the 3rd campus wide assessment cycle. This 3rd cycle will be a 3 year cycle to correspond to the 3 year mid-term report. In this cycle, Harbor will be replacing the existing Word document-based SLO assessment process with an online process using the Harbor Assessment-based Planning System (HAPS). Beginning​ the Fall Semester 2015, all operational units of the college will record their SLOs and SAOs in HAPS and align them with the college's Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs) and SEMP Goals​. HAPS will track the assessment of outcomes and use the subsequent results to develop improvement actions.

Using the alignment of student learning outcomes and institutional student learning outcomes, in Spring 2016, instructional programs will assess Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) by determining whether a student completing their degree programs will achieve all of the college's institutional learning outcomes. Certificate programs will define the appropriate learning outcomes and assess if the outcomes were achieved.​

Active SLO Assessments (login required):

SLO Assessment Cycle 4 (2018-2021) Progress Reports

SLO Assessment Cycle 3 (2015-2018) Progress Reports

SLO Assessment: Cycles 1 and 2 Results


Assessment Fundamentals

Accountability: Public institutions are held accountable for the use of public funds. Institutions must demonstrate that they are efficient and effective in serving the needs of the state. The use of funds and process for determining the use of funds must be reported to the public. The collection and use of data should clearly support the decision making process at each institution.

Assessment is the systematic collection, review, and use of information about educational programs undertaken for the purpose of improving student learning and development. Assessment provides a systematic ongoing measure of Quality Control and Validation. The term "Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)" is widely used by many campuses to describe an assessment. At Los Angeles Harbor College, academic SLOs are assessments done at the course level. The data collected at the course level will then feed into each disciplines program assessments, Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs), and then into the Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs). In addition to academic SLOs, service areas (SAOs) will also be assessed for both student services and administrative services.

An Assessment Plan is a documented outline which clearly states which data will be collected and how it is collected. The plan should also state the process for reviewing the data, policies and procedures to discuss the results and implement changes to programs to improve student learning. The assessment plan should clearly show evidence of continuous quality improvement. At Los Angeles Harbor College, the annual results will be collected within a 3-year cycle.  The process is clearly outlined in the "LAHC SLO and Campus Wide Assessments Guidebook".

The general layout of the campus wide assessment alignment is shown below in the "Assessment Student Pyramid of Success". At Los Angeles Harbor College success of the student is the top priority, thus is placed at the apex of the pyramid. The success of all campus wide programs and services are important to provide a solid support system for student success. Student success is measured by course completion with a passing grade of a C or better, completion of a degree or certificate, transfer, self-improvement, workforce development and training.

SLO Guidebook Pyramid_Page_1.png 



SLO Guidebook Pyramid_Page_2.png

SLO and Campus-wide Assessment Guidebook (2/29/16)


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5th Annual SLO Symposium 2/9/18
  • Presentation (The Mission Hierarchy: A Model for Integrating and Assessing Institutional Outcomes)
  • Conference Program
2017 RP Group Conference 4/20-4/21
2017 ACCJC Inaugral Conference 4/5-4/6​​​​
4th Annual SLO Symposium 2/3/17
Accreditation Visitation, 3/8/16

HAPS-based SLO Training, 2/2/16

HAPS-based SLO Training, 12/11/15







  • Start an SLO/SAO Assessment (login required): Select this link to begin a course SLO assessment or a service area SAO assesessment.
  • Update/Edit an Existing SLO/SAO Assessment login required): Use this link to display a list of assessments already started (by Division or Unit) and then select the assessment you would like to update or edit.​

    SLO/SAO Assessment (login required): Use this link to display a list of assessments already started (by Division or Unit) and then select the assessment you would like to update or edit.​