​​​​​​​​​2019-2025 Comprehensive Program Review (CPR) Process

 PREAMBLE: All areas of the College are subject to Program Review. A program is identified as an area of the College with a distinctive fund center. All academic program/pathway and viability reviews will be guided by the Los Angeles District Board of Trustees rules 6800, 6801, 6802 and 6803, approved June 11, 2003, pursuant to Title 5, 5500 (b), "and will consider: Mission, Need, Quality, Feasibility, and Compliance." CTE programs are reviewed on two-year cycles (every six years the longer version will be used which includes both the long and short forms) and all other academic programs on six-year cycles. ​

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2016-17 Comprehensive Program Review Certification and Validation Documents

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2015-16 SEMP Annual Summary Reports - January 2017


The purpose of the Program Review is to improve student learning outcomes. The Chancellor, in consultation with the District Academic Senate, shall develop policies for the establishment and modification of courses and programs.

Title 5, CCR, 51022(a)

The program review process provides all individual programs with an opportunity to review formally their goals and objectives in order to integrate these programs into the Educational Master Plan. The program review process is designed to enable department members and other stakeholders to identify needs and evaluate the effectiveness of a program.

I. Program Review

The purposes of educational program review include (Board Rule 6709.1):

a) Defining and affirming excellent academic programs,
b) Providing for a systematic program planning process,
c) Reviewing the quality of instructional programs and courses,
d) Fostering self-renewal and self-study of programs.

OUTCOME: The overall goal of the program review process is to improve quality continually, as measured in the context of the College's mission. It provides a formal assessment of a program as currently implemented. The result of this assessment will be viability recommendations, specific objectives, student learning outcomes, and timelines for implementation.



For each six-year program/pathway review, a Program/Pathway Review Self-Study Committee will be formed two years prior to the program review completion date (See Appendix B. Program Review Schedule). The review process will be carried out over a two-year period. In the first year, the team will review and update all course outlines of record.

In the second year, the team will conduct the actual review of the program or pathway. This committee will consist of:

  • Division Chair or Manager
  • Program Faculty (open to all full-time and adjunct)
  • Program Staff
  • Administrator responsible for the area
  • Vice-President of the Cluster
  • One outside professional or alumni
  • Two students currently enrolled in the program under review

The Division Chair or Manager will convene the committee to review the pertinent information. The committee will collect (in conjunction with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness), review, and evaluate the documentation and develop a list of needs based on student learning outcomes. A report of this process will be included in the program/pathway review documents. A unit plan will be developed from assessment of this data with a timeline and estimated budget. The unit plan will be revised annually and presented to Division Council for prioritization into the Cluster Plan..

The completed program/pathway review will be forwarded to the Vice-President of Academic Affairs. The Vice-President of Academic Affairs, the appropriate Dean of the division, and the Division Chair will review, discuss, and evaluate the submitted program/pathway review, and either return it to the self-study committee for further information or accept it for inclusion in the Division's unit plan. The Vice-President of Academic Affairs will submit a written report with the evaluation of the program/pathway review to the Academic Senate if the review makes a recommendation regarding program initiation or viability. The Academic Senate's role is to approve or disapprove program initiation, program discontinuance, or revitalization and resolve disputes following the program initiation/discontinuance policies prior to sending it to the President of the College for final approval.

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