​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Overview: Annual Program Review/Unit Planning Process

The Annual Program Review/Unit Planning (APR/UP) process for 2020-2021 will take place in Spring 2021 and use the recently renewed Strategic Educational Master Plan 2018-2023 as the basis for data review and unit planning.

Exsting unit plans can be found using the links below.

Harbor's online, assessement-based unit planning process uses Harbor's Strategic Educational Master Plan (SEMP) as the basis of data analysis and unit planning. The unit planning process is college-wide and includes all instructional programs and operational units. The results of APR/UP process are used to evaluate college progress in achieving the SEMP and were used to close out the 2015-17 SEMP and as the basis for the renewal of the SEMP for 2018-23.

Results of this process are provided in the links below.

APR/Unit Planning Summaries (login required):

2018 SEMP Renewal Process

2014-17 SEMP Cycle APR/Unit Planning Summaries (login required):

2016-17 Annual Program Review Progress Reports:

2015-16 SEMP Annual Summary Reports - January 2017

Unit Planning 2.0 Progress Reports - May 16, 2016

 Completed Unit Plans (pre-2016):

Using data provided in the SEMP Fact Book, a series of modules in the Harbor Assessment-based Planning System (HAPS) will guide college programs through questions​ about student achievement, learning and other measures identified in the SEMP​ . Questions are based on institution-set standards or other performance measures established by federal, state or district requirements and included in the SEMP. College programs use program review results to develop and record improvement actions that address any results that do not meet  standards or other requirements. Improvement actions form the unit plan.

In the pilot cycle, unit plans will be validated through administrative review. Validated unit plans are the basis of the annual resource allocation process. Improvement actions will be used to organize and track the request and allocation of resources. Progress and results of all improvement actions and allocated resources are updated annually through 2017. In 2017, the final update of unit plans will form the basis of evaluating the SEMP and mission and their subsequent renewal process.



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Annual Program Reviews/Unit Plans due last year.

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Priorization Rubric

Prioritization Rubric.pdf

Annual Program Review/Unit Planning Timeline and Process Documents

APR/Unit Planning Pilot Sessions, Retreat, and Workshops




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