​​​​​Welcome to Harbor's Assessment-based Planning System (HAPS).

This system records and manages the results of the college's annual program review, learning outcomes assessment, unit planning and resource allocation processes. HAPS provides data that are used in college-level planning processes to assess the achievement of the College Mission as measured by the Strategic Educational Master Plan and Institutional Learning Outcomes. The system consists of the following elements:

  • College programs and operational units will review data and analysis on measures of student achievement and learning outcomes, based on Harbor's Strategic Educational Master Plan through the Annual and Comprehensive Program Review processes and Institutional Student Learning Outcomes through the SLO/SAO Assessment process. Programs and units will apply applicable institution-set standards and other outcome requirements.
  • Assessment results are recorded and used to develop improvement actions, which detail the activities, timelines and responsible parties that will address the results of the review. Assessment results are integrated into improvement actions and these actions form the unit plan. Unit plans are validated through a combination of operational, administrative and governance review.
  • Validated unit plans are the basis of the annual resource allocation  process. Assessment-based improvement actions organize and track the request and allocation of resources.
  • These results are updated in the annual program review/unit planning process over the three year strategic educational master plan cycle. Annual updates provide the college with progress on achieving the Strategic Educational Master Plan and the college mission.

At the end of the three year cycle units will provide a summary of the annual reviews, which then forms the basis of the next cycle of mission review and ​strategic planning.


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