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LAHC's Program Review with Annual Updates

Los Angeles Harbor College's Program Review with Annual Updates, combines the college's unit plans and academic program review into one process. The program reviews and the resulting action plans will be updated on a yearly basis. These updates include review of student learning outcome assessment data, curriculum, and institutional set standards and targets. This ensures that each program takes part in the process of continuous self-evaluation and improvement. This process aligns with Accreditation Standard 2.A.10, requiring that "The institution regularly evaluates and improves the quality and currency of all instructional programs offered in the name of the institution, including collegiate, pre-collegiate, career-technical, and continuing and community education courses and programs, regardless of delivery mode or location. The institution systematically strives to improve programs and courses to enhance learning outcomes and achievement for students."

The Program Review Cycle

At Los Angeles Harbor College, academic program review and unit planning was transitioned from Sharepoint to eLumen in Spring of 2021. The information from the reviews and plans could not be transitioned between systems; therefore, the Assessment Committee proposed a new 3-year program review cycle:

  • Year 1: 2020-2021,
  • Year 2: 2021-2022,
  • Year 3: 2022-2023,

to align with the closing of the Strategic Master Plan (SEMP) in 2023. This timeline is within the parameters set forth by Title 5 and the California Education Code.

All programs will participate in the program review process beginning the first year of the cycle. In year 2 and 3, programs will update the program review. At the end of year 3, programs will complete a program review validation process. 

Program Review Reporting System: eLumen

Los Angeles Harbor College uses eLumen, an online data management service, to record and report the Program Review. eLumen can be accessed using the following website address: eLumen is linked to the SIS, once you click on the link, it should redirect you to the college's SIS login screen. The user name and password is the same as your LACCD SIS log in and password. *Please note that Chrome is the preferred browser for eLumen.  

Program Review and Resources Request Timeline

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Program Review Handbook
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