Technology Advisory Committee

Committee Mission:

The Technology Advisory Committee is composed of representatives of each instructional division as well as selected representatives of other constituencies.

The Committee continually updates the College Technology Functional Plan submitted annually to CPC for renewal, which provides the frame of reference for all planning proposals requiring new technology, which are initially referred to this Committee for its input as to the operative specifications involved.  [Participatory Governance Agreement, Article VI, Section 7.]

The purpose of the Academic Technology Advisory Committee is to assess campus computer resources and to develop, and update annually a three-year comprehensive Technology Master Plan for the coordination of campus-wide computing. Specifically, the committee will:

  • Make recommendations to the College Planning Council and Academic Senate on matters relating to the acquisition and use of technology campus wide and

  • Create, and annually update the Los Angeles Harbor College Technology Master Plan and promote, assess and monitor its implementation.

  • Increase awareness among the college community through a technology Website of what is going on in the IT realm.

  • Promote the use of computers and other technology on campus. Make recommendations technology training for faculty and staff development.

  • Develop recommendations for prioritization of support staff, training and access to computer resources and laboratories. 

  • Identify specific academic technology needs as they arise across the campus in order to be in a position to provide support or modify equipment or infrastructure.

  • Recommend procedures for the acquisition, operation, and repair of technology resources.

1. Drafts the College Technology Plan for submission to CPC and the Academic Senate in accordance with College unit plans.
2. Oversees the integration of college needs in adopting new technologies and maintaining existing technologies.
3. Advises the College on technology as it plans for new buildings.

Meeting Times:

The Technology Advisory Committee meets on the second Tuesday of every month.  
Meetings begin at 1:30 PM in SCC 271.

Committee Co-Chairs

Dr. Stephanie Atkinson-Alston 
Dean, Academic Affairs
(310) 233-4025


Ivan Clarke
Director, Information Technology
(310) 233-4436

Click here for a list of current members


  • 1 representative from each Academic Division

  • 1 representative from the Institutional Effectiveness Office

  • 1 Dean of Economic & Workforce Development as nonvoting resource

  • 1 Dean to be appointed by Teamsters Local 911

  • 1 Director of IT

  • 1 Representative from the Distance Learning Committee

  • 4 Classified Staff representatives – one appointed by the AFT Classified Unit, and three appointed as per union contracts. 

  • 1 Student appointed by the Student Body President