​​​​​​​​​​​​Work Environment Committee

​​Committee Mission:
With the faculty and administrative composition provided by the collective bargaining agreement, the Committee fulfills the functions assigned to it in that agreement.  With the classified and student representatives selected as provided in the Participatory Governance Agreement also participating, the Committee approves the annual College Facilities Functional Plan and recommends facilities policy decisions to CPC accordingly.


This committee shall consider all work environment matters as per contract specifications.

Academic Year 2019- 2020

Meeting Times:

The Work Environment/Facilities Committee meets on the third Thursday of every month. Meetings begin at 12:30 PM in SSA-219.


Committee Chair
Reza Farzin 


Eddie Galvan

Jonathon Lee​​

Natalie Parra

Delia Renteria

Mario Valadez​

Carlos Diaz

Jose G Moreno

Kenny Roberts ​

Derrick Williams

Vice President Bob Suppelsa


Deputy Sheriff

Alex Nelson

Student Representative



  • Faculty members shall comprise at least 50% of the whole committee. Faculty members should also total at least twice the number of administrator members.

  • The Chairperson of the College WEC shall be one of the one of the faculty members and shall be elected by the committee. The term of office shall be two (2) years.