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President's Office


​​​​August 31, 2015​​

Welcome back and thank you for participating in a very energetic and engaging Opening Day and Flex activities.  I am delighted that we are off to a successful Day #1 of the Fall 2015 semester.  


Our enrollment is fairly consistent with last year and within our expectations.  The campus looks beautiful, parking is manageable, faculty are accommodating our students, and students are getting their classes. As always, there are lines at the student services offices, bookstore and other typical areas but all of you have provided excellent customer service and the students whom I have spoken to are satisfied with our responsiveness.


As I walked around campus and asked how things were going, the common reply seems to be “just a few little things here and there”.  It is your good and timely work that the “little” things are taken care of before they become big things.  Certainly no major issue has appeared (except the big 18 wheelers rolling through campus).  


Thank you again, I am so proud of what Harbor means to our students … they deserve our very best. 


Otto W. K. Lee, Ed.D.
Los Angeles Harbor College
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