​February 11, 2019


Welcome to the Spring 2019 Semester 

Message from the President


Dear Colleagues,

It is wonderful to see all of you and our students as we start the semester. 

This will be a very busy semester. We are on schedule to move into the new Student Union. Final touches are being made to the relocation plans in preparation for the demolition of the cafeteria and Seahawk Center.  As you can see, the old library has already been demolished. We will continue the  work on additional details for the top priority construction projects proposed under the Measure CC bond including a revised campus facilities master plan.​

We continue to address serious enrollment and fiscal challenges locally.  I know the college can count on your help and support during this demanding time.

Thank you for all that you do for our students; they deserve our very best. We are here to help them succeed. Keep an eye on the campus calendar for many exciting events on campus.  

Have a great semester!


Otto W. K. Lee, Ed.D.


Los Angeles Harbor College

310. 233. 4010


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