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President's Office

August 25, 2017

Welcome to Academic Year 2017-2018

Dear Colleagues:

Welcome back! I was delighted to see so many of you participating in a very informative and engaging Opening Day, Division meetings and Flex activities. It was energizing to follow the discussions around effective enrollment management and class scheduling, student support, program review, planning, and SIS (!).

We were busy over the summer with a larger number of classes, construction, and many outreach and other student activities.  In particular, I want to highlight the inaugural Pacific Islander Leaders Of Tomorrow (PILOT), a week-long program which provided students an amazing experience for reflection and growth that culminated last Friday.  The program was shepherded enthusiastically and successfully by Leland Simpliciano, Karen Amano-Tompkins, and Christian Lozada.  Congresswoman Nanette Barragán joined Chancellor Rodriguez in the graduation ceremonies.  During my time at the college, this is the first time an elected official at the federal level has visited our campus.  I hope to make these more frequent.

There were incidents of a more alarming nature: fire and break-in.  The deputies and other safety personnel were quickly on scene in response.  We must be diligent in securing our work areas and offices as well as being cognizant of our campus environs.

As of yesterday, our enrollment is only 91% of where it was a year ago.  To restore our enrollment level to what it was 2 years ago, we need to achieve about 106% of last year.

We have submitted a 5-year financial stability plan to the district as required. We need to be proactive in monitoring our expenditures and continue to realize savings.  Each cluster will review their organization and its needs as a result of the Supplemental Retirement Program (SRP) with a goal of a 20% savings (minimum) as mandated by the Board.

These are complex challenges but Harbor, we, are up to the task.  We have demonstrated that we are innovative, creative, and resilient problem-solvers!

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Thank you again; I am so proud of what Harbor means to our students … they deserve our very best.  Have a great year!

Otto W. K. Lee, Ed.D.
Los Angeles Harbor College
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