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​​​How to Fund a Gift

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There are many different reasons why friends, alumni and supporters of Los Angeles Harbor College make charitable contributions to the LAHC Foundation and there are many different entities within the College that are worthy of your assistance (e.g. Athletics, Theater, Music, the Arts, Nursing, Child Development, PACE, Learning Center/Tutorial Programs, Special Programs and Services, Business, Architecture, Math and Sciences, Business, Administration of Justice, Children's Center, Extended Education). The Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Harbor College Foundation invites you to join in partnership with them by:

Establishing an Endowment - you can establish an endowment fund to benefit Los Angeles Harbor College or any of its programs or departments. A minimum of $10,000 is required for endowed funds.

How Does an Endowment Work?

  • Funds are treated as principal and are permanently invested.
  • Earnings from the investments are distributed each year.
  • Endowment provides a solid base for annual funding to support student success, program enhancement and community enrichment.
  • All investments are managed professionally in a diversified portfolio.
  • The donor may designate the endowment name and its purpose.
  • The endowment is an on-going means of support for higher education.

What are the benefits of being an endowment donor?

  • Prominent honor for donor and their family, company, or organization.
  • Community recognition through LAHC and LACCD publications.
  • Quality of life contribution to the future of the college and the community.
  • Savings in estate, capital gains, and income taxes.
  • Leadership example for others to follow.

How does an endowment benefit Los Angeles Harbor College, its students, and the community?

  • Provides greater opportunities for life and career enhancement.
  • Enriches classroom experiences.
  • Provides high quality instruction to students.
  • Allows for state-of-the-art technology and equipment.
  • Reflects confidence in the college's mission and role.

Annual Fund Giving

  • Set up a Scholarship in the name of a person and designate the amount to be distributed annually and the use of the funds.
  • Join the President's Circle - a group of distinguished individuals who donated generously to the LAHC's Endowment Fund in 1995-96.
  • Set up payroll deductions on a monthly basis.
  • Adopt an area, team, building, or classroom that would provide ongoing maintenance, operational support, etc.
  • Adopt an athletic team, children's program, music, theater or art program.
  • Adopt a state-of-the-art instructional lab to upgrade or expand current laboratories in the sciences or technologies.

Please contact the Foundation Office at (310) 233-4337 for further information.


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