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About Student Services
The Student Services division prides itself upon assisting students in reaching their full potential by providing insight and advisement to help them excel throughout their college experience. In order to help students to achieve their personal and academic goals, the Student Services Division has developed many programs designed to facilitate our student's assimilation into the Harbor family. These programs are available to students from application to degree.

With a wide range of organizations, services, activities, and programs the Student Services Division has student success in mind. Organizations such as the Associated Student Organization give students the ability to voice their concerns and their needs. Services like Counseling allow students to plan ahead and make sure they are on the correct path to success. Activities like Athletics allow students to express their school pride and demonstrate their abilities. The list of services and benefits goes on.

It is our hope that students will take advantage of every possible program under our umbrella, because their success is our ultimate goal.


Administrative and Support Staff:

Dr. Luis Dorado, Vice President, Student Services

Vacant, Administrative Secretary

Roxana Hernandez, Senior Secretary

Deans of Student Services:

Dawn Reid

Mercy Yanez

Tiffany Sergio​

Dr. Ed Pai

Dr. Nelly Rodriguez

The Office of Student Services is located in the Student Services and Administration building, room SSA 203. We may be reached by telephone at (310) 233-4030.