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UMOJA is a Kiswahili word meaning unity

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Umoja is a community and critical resource dedicated to enhancing the cultural and educational experiences of African American and other students. We believe that when the voices and histories of students are deliberately and intentionally recognized, the opportunity for self-efficacy emerges and a foundation is formed for academic success. Umoja actively serves and promotes student success for all students through a curriculum and pedagogy responsive to the legacy of the African and African American Diasporas.​​​​

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Connect with a Counselor​

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Sherece Jefferson
Email: jeffersn@lahc.edu​​​ ​ ​​
​Drop In Counseling Hours
​Mondays & Thursdays
12pm - 1pm​
To be added to the drop in waiting room,
Click here or call (669) 900-6833 with meeting
ID #​994 598 1116 during drop in hours

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Brittany Gray
Email: grayb@lahc.edu​​​ ​
 Drop In Counseling Hours
Wednesdays, 12pm - 1pm 
Fridays, 12pm - 1pm
To be added to the drop in waiting room,
Click here or call (669) 900-6833 with meeting 
ID #277 845 9090​ during drop in hours

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Chrishaad Moye
Email: moyec@lahc.edu
Drop in Counseling Hours
Tuesdays, 12pm - 1pm & 4pm - 5pm
To be added to the drop in waiting room,
Click here or call (669) 900-6833​ with meeting 
ID #491 866 0317 during drop in hours