​​​​​​​​Graduation Process​​


Students must speak to a Counselor to verify that they meet all the requirements (or will meet all the requirements within the petitioning semester) in order to petition for an Associate's degree. Petitions need to be submitted through a Counselor. We currently are not accepting Graduation Petitions through the student portal. 

Delay in submitting supporting documents (i.e. official transcripts, petitions for credit, etc.) will defer the review process. All official transcripts must be submitted, whether or not it is being used for the major. 

Graduation Process

After graduation petitions are submitted, the Graduation Evaluators have a review deadline of up to 10 weeks after the semester ends. If students submit their petition at the beginning of the semester, that does not guarantee that they will receive a degree before the rest of the students. Degrees will not be posted until the end of the semester. Evaluators will contact students through their LACCD student email if they need additional documents to complete the review process. 

Degrees will be officially posted on student's transcripts before diplomas are ready. If students need proof of graduation/degree, official transcripts can be used as proof. 


Click here ​for more information about the Commencement Ceremony. The link will include information about the schedule, how to RSVP, cap and gown rentals, as well as other related information.



Degree posting: Posted
Diploma ready: Mailed out


Degree posting: Posted
Diploma ready: Mailed out

FALL 2021

Degree posting: Posted
Diploma ready: Mailed out


Degree posting: TBA- pending petition review
Diploma ready: Will automatically be mailed out (please make sure that your mailing address is up to date with our office)


​Cheryl Betancourt

Evaluator for last names that begin with A-G

​Melissa Hammonds

Evaluator for last names that begin with H​-O

​Marina Vargas

Evaluator for last names that begin with P-Z


I graduated recently, when will my diploma be ready?

​Please refer to the Graduation Process Calendar above for updates.

I graduated in the ​past, how can I obtain my diploma?

If students have not picked up their physical diploma before, they will need to fill out the Diploma mailing request​ form. If students have graduated prior to 2016, they will need to request a replacement diploma (please see Q&A for replacement diploma).

I need a replacement diploma, how can I obtain that?

If students need a replacement diploma, they can fill out the General Petition and submit/mail in the form to the Admissions Office with the processing fee. The replacement fee is $10 per diploma.​

I recently moved/provided incorrect contact information. How can I update that?

Depending on where in the review process the student's petition is, students can contact their Graduation Evaluator to notify them of the change. 



How do I change my major/degree?

To update/change a major, students will need to speak to a counselor. Petitions cannot be changed or altered once they have been submitted to the Admissions Office.​

How do I send my LACCD official transcripts after my degree has been posted?

Please refer to the Transcripts ​tab. 

Which semesters can I petition for graduation?

Students have the options of petitioning during the following semesters: Spring, Summer, and Fall.

My Degree petition was denied. What do I do now?

​Students will have received a reason as to why their petition for degree was denied and need to follow up with a Counselor.​​