Registration Overview

Students will now register for courses according to an enrollment priority system. The enrollment process at LAHC is a District-wide process.

As defined by Title V regulations, LACCD establishes priority enrollment based on the 5 Tier structure. Students will be able to register on or after their assigned date and time for ALL courses in the Los Angeles Community College District.

The LAHC Admissions Office is NOT responsible for assigning registration dates, this is an ​LACCD district function. In order to understand the LACCD registration process, you must know your status as a student with regard to the following definitions used in this procedure.


Registration Priorities by Student Category

Tier 1:  Members of Armed forces, Veterans, Foster Youth, EOPS, DSPS, CalWORKs and Homeless Youth​.

Tier 2:  Students who have been identified as members of intercollegiate athletic teams, LACCD College Promise, Completion.

Tier 3:  Continuing, Returning, New and Fully Matriculated Students. Students will be assigned a registration date and time in the order of 99.9 units to 0 units

Tier 4: Students Who Have Lost Priority- Academic Difficulty

Tier 5: K-12 Special Admits

Student Categories defined:

  • Veterans - all students identified by the Reentry and Veteran's Program as a Veteran.
  • Foster Youth - all students identified by the Foster Youth Liaison as a current or former foster youth.
  • EOPS/CARE - students identified by the Extended Opportunities Program and Services office and CARE program.
  • DSPS - students identified by the Disabled Students Program and Services office.
  • CalWorks - students identified by the CalWorks office.
  • Matriculated - students who have completed Assessment, Orientation and Counseling requirements.
  • Continuing - students who have continuously enrolled at LACCD. 
  • Returning- students that have previously taken courses within the LACCD but have been absent for 2 or more terms.
  • New - students who have never any ​attended college and/or are enrolling in their first semester at LACCD.


Student Academic Standing (for the purposes of determining enrollment priorities only):

Good Standing - Students who are not on Academic or Progress Probation for 2 consecutive semesters and students who are not on Dismissal status.

Academic Difficulty - students who are on Academic or Progress Probation for 2 consecutive semesters and students who are on Dismissal status.