​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to Harbor College!

Whether you are preparing for transfer to a four-year college or university, seeking an occupational degree or certificate, or taking classes to improve skills or investigate a new career, we are pleased that you have chosen Los Angeles Harbor College.

Here at the Admissions office of Los Angeles Harbor College (LAHC) we are dedicated to making your beginning of the academic journey a successful one. 






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Visit the definitions below to determine what type of student you are and then what next steps you will need to complete:

New Student:

A New student is an individual that has NEVER applied to any of the LACCD campuses. If you meet this definition you are required to complete a college application. If you are an individual that has previously applied or attended any of the LACCD campuses even if for one course and/or while in high school you are NOT considered a new student but considered a RETURNING STUDENT.

Returning Student

A Returning student is defined as a student that has applied for one or more of the LACCD campuses BUT your last time of enrollment or attendance was MORE than 1 year ago. Due to the length of non-enrollment you have to complete a college application. However, if the last time that you enrolled or attended was LESS THAN ONE YEAR AGO you are considered a returning student and DO NOT have to submit a new college application.

Continuing Student

A Continuing student is defined as a student that has applied for one or more of the LACCD campuses AND had enrolled or attended in courses for the previous Fall or Spring Semester. If you are a Continuing student, you DO NOT need to complete a new application, even if the upcoming term will be your first time enrolling in courses at LAHC.

High School Student

An Active High school student is an individual who is currently enrolled in High School and over the age of 13. An Active high School student will apply online BUT is also required to complete The K-12 form.pdf
The form MUST be signed by you -the student, your high school counselor, and your parent or guardian. The form will then be submitted to the Admissions and Records office. No student will be allowed to register for course(s) until the form is submitted to the Admissions Office.
The K-12 form is required each term you plan to attend until you graduate from high school, attain the equivalent to a high school diploma or turn 18 years of age. The form can be attained form this link: The K-12 form.pdf

International Student

A student that possess an F-1, F-2 Visa or is currently in the change of status and currently possess a J1, B1/B2 and M1 Visa are considered an international student. An International student wanting to attend LAHC MUST complete the International Student Application ONLY.

The International Student Application is the first step to apply to Los Angeles Harbor College.


One application will allow you to take courses at any of the campuses in the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) which consists of these 9 campuses:


Los Angeles Harbor College

Los Angeles City College

Los Angeles Pierce College

Los Angeles Mission College

Los Angeles Trade-Technical College

Los Angeles Southwest College

West Los Angeles College

Los Angeles Valley College

East Los Angeles College

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