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Emergency Use Grant Application (pdf)

The Harbor College Foundation is committed to ensuring that no student is denied educational opportunities due to financial constraint. Our Board of Directors understands there are times when students need one-time urgent assistance due to extreme circumstances so they can stay focused on their studies and achieve their educational goals.

The Urgent Action Student Support Program, which is funded by the Annual Student Support Campaign and inspired by alumni Jeri Kusar of Kusar Global.The Urgent Action Fund, can assist with costs such as books, supplies, transportation, bus passes, food vouchers and miscellaneous living expenses that are tied to the students educational success.

We are aware of how need-based many of our students are, it is for this reason that we ask that staff and faculty use their judgement and intuition when referring students to this program. We want to be responsive, however our resources are always limited.

In addition to need, the following other criteria must be met:
•Minimum 2.0 GPA with student in good standing.
•Explanation of why or how other financial aid plays into the overall picture for the student.
•Must have completed at least one full semester.
•Transcripts must be included.
•Must be willing to provide progress report at end of semester.

We look forward to partnering with you to empower students to overcome their barriers. For further questions, please call Foundation Officer Peter Bostic at 562-233-4288 or email at Bosticpf@lahc.edu