​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​MEET WITH A COUNSELOR

Appointment, Live Chat ​(Drop-in), or Telephone

Counselors are available online for appointments & live chat (drop-in) counseling through Cranium Cafe available in your student portal. Counselors are able to meet with you through chat, video, or telephone. If you have limited access to technology, please request for a telephone appointment. Please choose one of the following methods to meet with a counselor:

Schedule an Appointment​​

​Self Service Video & Telephone ​Appointments available for:

Academic and/or Progress Probation and/or Dismissal
Academic Petition Assistance
Career Exploration
Educational Planning for 3 or more semesters of courses
Financial Aid SEP/Appeal​
Personal Counseling
Pre-Graduation Evaluation
Request pre-requisite clearance
Request Transcript Evaluation (LACCD)
Request Transcript Evaluation (non-LACCD)
University Transfer Assistance
Update your Major/Educational Goal and/ or Home College​

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Live Chat (Drop-in) Counseling available for:

General Questions & Referrals
One Semester Course Advisement
Prerequisite Clearances
Unit Overload Request
Questions about Dropping & Adding Courses
Getting Started at LAHC
Petition Support
​​Phone Button.png

​Request for Telephone or in person appointments

Call: 310 233 4230


Instructions to Access Cranium Cafe

Cranium Cafe is the method of connecting with counselors at LA Harbor College. As an LAHC student you already have an account setup for you. Please view the following tutorials or instructions to help you setup your Cranium Cafe account:

Cranium Video.pngCranium PDF.png 

​Technology Requirements

  • Browser: Latest version of Chrome or Firefox (Cranium Café will not work on Internet Explorer or Safari)
  • Video Appointment: Webcam & microphone (required for face-to-face online appointments)
  • Headset/Earbuds: Optional, but highly recommended for online appointment
  • Click for Detailed Requirements