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What is CARE?
CARE (Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education) is a California state-funded program designed to recruit and assist single parent recipients of CalWORKs (formerly AFDC). CARE provides support services and/or grants funds to assist single parents in the realization of their academic potential.

Who is eligible for CARE?
You may be eligible for CARE if you:

  • are eligible for EOPS, and
  • are single and head of household, and
  • have at least one dependent child, and
  • receive CalWORKs (formerly AFDC), and
  • are enrolled in at least 12 units upon acceptance, and
  • are at least 18 years old, have been determined to lack marketable skills, have applied for financial aid, and have a need for child care, transportation, books and supplies, and/or counseling to attend college, and
  • are pursuing an educational, vocational, or job training program at Los Angeles Harbor College which will lead to a certificate, degree, or transfer objective, and
  • are available to attend a CARE orientation and meet with the CARE coordinator.

What services does CARE provide?

Services are provided to CARE students who have met all of their EOPS & CARE responsibilities.

  • Gas Cards*
  • Cash Grants*
  • Book Lending Library*
  • Meal Vouchers*
  • Legal Advocacy
  • Conferences/Workshops tailored to the needs of CARE students
  • Resource Referrals
  • CARE Networking

*Dependent upon program funding

For more information about CARE, please contact CARE Coordinator Blanca Rodriguez 310.233.4295.