​​​ EOPS/CARE/NextUp Staff


​​Administration, Faculty, and Staff
Dawn Reid | Dean of Student Services
Kaman Ng | ​EOPS Assistant Director/Counselor
Blanca Rodriguez | ​CARE Coordinator/Counselor
Tracye Jones | ​NextUp Coordinator/Counselor
Elvia Viramontes |
EOPS/NextUp Adjunct Counselor
Manuela Castellanos | NextUp Mental Health Expert
Tim Mariner | ​Data Management Support Assistant
Andy Labrune | Senior Office Assistant

​Career Guidance and Counseling Assistants (C.G.C.As.)
Jeffrey Cabanez (EOPS)
Mitzi Rosales (EOPS/NextUp)
Madeline Calixte (NextUp)


Patricia Espinoza
Brenda Cornejo
Lucy Gomez
Jacob Novoa

Student Assistants
Gabrielle Corral
Francisco Beltran
Jocelyn Boyd
Charmaine Bell
Bianca Lucci