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Summer 2019 EOPS Book Awards

​​The EOPS program will be giving book awards to students enrolled for the summer.  All students who are enrolled in summer classes will be automatically processed for a summer book award.  Please check the list below to see if you have been signed up for the summer book award.

EOPS Summer 2019 Book Award Signup List - 5-8-2019.pdf

If you do not appear on the list above and have recently enrolled in summer classes, please check back as the list is updated every few days.


EOPS Program Status

At the end of each semester we check the academic records of EOPS students to determine their program status.  Students who complete at least 12 units (or have a Unit Override Letter from SPS on file with the EOPS Office) with a g.p.a. of 2.0 or higher and do not exceed 70 total degree-applicable units are considered in good standing and eligible to receive all program services and benefits they are eligible for.  For students who don't meet all of these requirements, their status is determined by the table below:





Completed less than 12 units for semester; not exempt by SPS

EOPS Probation

Contact the EOPS Office to inquire about attending an Academic Recovery Workshop

Semester G.P.A. below 2.0

EOPS Probation

Contact the EOPS Office to inquire about attending an Academic Recovery Workshop

Finished semester with more than 70 degree-applicable units total

EOPS Dismissal

Contact the EOPS Office to inquire about completing an EOPS Program Termination   appeal



Student Communications
The primary means of communication between Harbor College (including the EOPS/CARE program) and students is via your student email account.  Please make sure that you are checking this email account on a regular basis so you don't miss important information.

You can access your email account from the login page of the SIS.  Look for the email link in the bottom right corner.


EOPS Spring 2019 Contact Dates
All contacts should be with an EOPS counselor either by a scheduled or drop-in appointment.  During busy periods, you may be asked to schedule a group appointment.

1st Contact
Tuesday, January 22 - Friday, March 1

2nd Contact

Monday, March 4 - Friday, April 19 | Progress Reports Due

3rd Contact
Monday, April 22 - Thursday, May 30 |
Workshop Verification due by end of 3rd contact period

All contacts must be spaced at least 3 weeks apart.

Failure to complete all 3 contacts, attend a workshop, and/or submit a progress report on time will make you ineligible for a book award the following semester.

EOPS Drop-In Appointments
For select days and times during the week, EOPS counselors will be on drop-in time when they will see students on a first come, first served basis.  Drop-in appointments with an EOPS counselor will count as a contact for the semester, and you will be able to ask questions and raise concerns as you would during a scheduled appointment.  However, based on how many students are waiting for a drop-in appointment and other time constraints, you may be asked to schedule an additional appointment or return for drop-in to complete your session.

Please note that only drop-in appointments with an EOPS counselor will count as a contact.



(Click here to download the Workshop Verification Form)

EOPS students are required to attend at least one workshop each semester and submit verification of attendance to the EOPS Office.


​Progress Report
Progress reports are due at the time of your second contact.  Click here to download the progress report form

If you have a progress report form from another program, we will accept it in the place of our form.


EOPS Tutoring

The EOPS program offers one-on-one scheduled and drop-in tutoring appointments for EOPS students.  Below are our tutors and the subjects they tutor:


Patricia Espinoza | English 100, 101, 102, 205, 206, 211, 219; Anthro 101; Health 11; Spanish 01; Theatre 100

Brenda Cornejo | Anatomy 001; Chem 065; Math 227; Physiology 1; Psychology 1

La Tonya Session | Sociology 1, 2; English 101, 102; Poli Sci 1

Jacob Novoa | All 100 level Math courses; Math 260, 240

Lucy Gomez | Math 125, 227; Anthro 101; Astron 1, 5; Biology 3; Psych 10, 14


Please contact the EOPS Office to schedule a tutoring appointment or find out the days and times of drop-in appointments.



The EOPS Lab is open to EOPS students to do homework, write reports, conduct research, login to online classes, and any other school-related computer activities. Lab time can be scheduled in the EOPS Office.
To print any materials in the EOPS Lab you are required to bring your own paper.