Student Rights & Responsibilities


It is the student's right to know:

    • What financial assistance is available
    • The deadlines for submitting applications
    • The cost of attending Los Angeles Harbor College
    • The elements for determining financial need and how much need has been met
    • The College’s refund and repayment policy
    • The College’s satisfactory academic progress policy
    • The terms of student loans


It is the student's responsibility to:

    • Request additional clarification or reconsideration of any aspect of the aid application or package
    • Review all information about the College
    • Complete all required application forms accurately
    • Submit all requested information in a timely manner
    • Read and understand forms which require a signature
    • Know and comply with all deadlines
    • Know and comply with the refund and repayment policy
    • Maintain a satisfactory level of academic progress
    • Notify lender of any status changes​