​​​​​​Graduation Ceremony Information

2022 Graduation Information COMING SOON.

At this time, we are planning to host an in-person ceremony, following all COVID-19 protocols.

CLICK HERE  for information on the Graduation Process


Los Angeles Harbor College Commencement Ceremony 2021  

Congratulations on your accomplishment!  Los Angeles Harbor College shares in your excitement on the completion of an A.A/S., CTE Certificate, and or Transfer requirements.  Commencement is one of the most celebrated events in our college history. This year marks our 72nd year where students like yourself have participated in our commencement exercises.  On June 8th, we will celebrate, with family and friends, faculty, staff, and administrators, your accomplishments.  We thank you for choosing to be engaged and committed to learning and we thank our faculty, staff, and administrators for challenging and supporting you along this process.

To ensure your experience creates lasting memories for you and your loved ones, please familiarize yourself with the following information:

Commencement Date, Time, and Place   

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

5 pm

Click here to Watch the 2021 Virtual Ceremony!

(No Tickets Required!  Seating is on a first come basis! - this only applies to being on campus)

 ***Please take a moment to stop by the location and determine the proper shoes to wear.  Keep in mind that you will be walking on Artificial Turf!!!***

Schedule of Events for Commencement

  • March 17 - Purchase Cap and Gown at Seahawk Shop
    • This opportunity is no longer available.  If you would like your name printed in the program, please email LAHCgraduation@lahc.edu immediately.  Deadline:  May 7. 
    • Complete the 2021 Virtual Commencement/Graduation Form to submit your information for the Commencement/Graduation Slides.
    • Complete and Upload a picture - DEADLINE: APRIL 20, 6 pm.  This option is no longer available. 
    • Review the Photo Taking Guide
  • March 26 - Graduation Petition Priority Submission - Meeting this deadline ensures your name is called during the Virtual Commencement (Graduation) Ceremony.
    • Completing the 2021 Virtual Commencement/Graduation Form ensures that you have personalized your graduation slide.
  • May 5 - Graduation Petition Deadline - You will graduate but your name and image may not be included in the Virtual Commencement (Graduation) Ceremony
  • June 8 - The Day! To participate, you must have submitted a Graduation Petition by the Priority Submission Deadline and respond to the Virtual Commencement Ceremony Participation form which will be sent to you via your LACCD student email account).  Keep an eye out for it.


Cap & Gowns (Academic Regalia)

Available in the Seahawk Shop (Bookstore).

Honors / President's Distinguished

  • President's Distinguished / Honor Cords - 3.7 GPA overall in ALL course work at Harbor
    • The gold honors cord is not for sale as it is a gift from LAHC and only eligible students receive it.
    • Due to our locations being non-accessible due to COVID, at this time, we are not able to release the honors cords.
    • Once we are able to access our supply and the confirmation list is available, we will be mailing out the honors cord to eligible students. Thank you for your understanding.
  • President's Honor Certificate Awardees - 3.5 GPA for 3 consecutive Semesters
    • Due to our locations being non-accessible due to COVID, certificates will be emailed to student's LACCD email address once the list is available.
  • Dean's Honor Certificate Awardees - 3.5 GPA for the Fall 2020 Semester
    • Due to our locations being non-accessible due to COVID, certificates will be emailed to student's LACCD email address once the list is available.

Commencement Rehearsal

Since we are virtual this year, we will not be hosting a rehearsal.

Campus Directions and Map

Campus Map  (used when we are on campus for a live graduation)  We hope to do this soon!

Parking & Public Transportation

No need for transportation, but below is the info for the future should you need to access the campus.

The following options are available:

  1. FREE parking at LA Harbor College.
  2. Metro Expo Line (see metro.net for Information)


You have a FRONT ROW SEAT in the comfort of your own home!  Be create and celebrate your accomplishments!

Should we be on campus, the following applies:

Tickets are not required.  Guests, family, and friends are welcomed to attend.  Seating is on a first-come, first serve basis.  

 Please inform your guests of the following:

  • Guests with balloons will be asked to return them to their vehicles.  (Please do not purchase!)
  • Saving of seats will not be permitted.
  • Taking pictures in the aisles or in front of the stage will not be permitted.


There will be designated areas for persons with disabilities.   

STROLLERS:  Applies if we were to be on campus

Due to Fire Safety Regulations strollers will not be allowed in the general audience seating. 

PICTURE TAKING DURING CEREMONY (only applies if the ceremony were to take place on campus):

Take lots of pictures to caputure your big day! 

The following applies only if we were to be on campus:

*Taking pictures in the aisles or in front of the stage will not be permitted. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated, please inform your family and friends about the rules, which are necessary for all of us to enjoy the graduation.

Grad Images will assist in capturing your big achievement. A professional photographer (Grad Images) will be taking your picture as you go across the stage to receive your diploma or certificate. Here is how their program works:

Graduates will receive a name card at the check-in table to complete, which will be handed to the announcer when you walk on the stage.

Grad images will also use the name card information to mail your color proof to you after the graduation, so be sure to fill in the address where you want your photos sent. Please fill in Address Box and Description Box. Please PRINT CLEARLY, so that your name and address can be read easily.

You will receive the color proof about one week after the ceremony. If you like the proof, you can then order photos.  There is no obligation to purchase, and you will have the option of ordering enlargement packages at very reasonable prices.

***Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Tweet (Twitter) about LA Harbor Commencement using #lahcgrad2021 throughout Commencement

 Helpful Hints should we be on campus:

  • Applies to Virtual Ceremony:  Iron your gown to take out the wrinkles from the packaging
  • Applies to Virtual Ceremony:  Practice putting on the white collar. It is not an easy thing to do by yourself.
  • Wear sunscreen and dress for the warm weather.
  • There is no area to store any personal items, so limit what you bring with you.
  • Provide your guests with the map (copies available on rehearsal table).
  • There are no strollers, umbrellas, or balloons allowed in the stadium.