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Our Program

Los Angeles Harbor College (LAHC) is committed to transitioning all new college students (Harbor Promise), and second year students (Harbor Success) through their first and second years of college. 

We call both years combined, "Harbor Advantage," because our program aims to give new students college survival skills that will effectively ensure an advantage in their higher level of academic success.

​​Prepare for Summer

During the summer prior to college, Promise studen​ts enter our Summer Bridge Program, to receive the "Harbor Experience", which includes academic support, student success skills, and preparation for future internships. 

During the summer after the first year, our second year Success students begin their internships and obtain meaningful work-place readiness skills. 

Our program continues to grow by adding more students, counselors, resources, internships, and college readiness in order to give every student the "Harbor Advantage".

​Free Tuition

You may be eligible for the LA College Promise Scholarship, which may cover the cost of your 1st year tutition. You must be a recent LAUSD or charter high school graduate and meet ​​the minimum requirements of our program.

For details, please see our eligibility requirements page. 

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