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Due to current circunstances (corona virus), our office will be closed until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding and patience, you can still get in contact with the Harbor Advantage team 

by calling (310) 233-4484 or via E-mail at harboradvantage@lahc.edu​  Stay safe and healthy!​​​

Counseling Appointments

All counseling appointments are now on-line, please call us at 310-233-4484

We are here to suport our LA College Promise students. 

To schedule an appointment with a Harbor Advantage Counselor, 

please use our "Virtual Office" via Zoom (meeting ID): 924 2048 5830 

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Elisa Ascencio


Micaela Bailey​​ ​ 

baileym@laccd.edu​ ​


Los Angeles Harbor College (LAHC) is committed to transitioning all new college students (Harbor Promise), 

and second year students (Harbor Success) through their first and second years of college. ​We Call both years 

conbined, "Harbor Advantage", because our programs aim to give new students college survival skills that will 

effectively ensure an advantage in their higher level of academic success.​


Harbor Advantage students get access to their own Counseling Assistant, priority registration for classes, and 

support in securing and maintaining their eligibility for Los Angeles College Promise, as well as Calfiornia 

College Promise. In addition, students can participate in leadership and campus ambassador programs, 

internships, professional development workshops, and other development opportunities.


You may be eligible for a Promise Scholarship, which would cover the cost of your tuition. To qualify, students 

must begin their coursework in the fall and be first-time college students.​ Please check the requirements for 

each scholarship program to see if you might be eligible! 

Los Angeles College Promise Scholarship (LACP)​ 

California College Promise Scholarship (CCP)


First-time college students


Fall Start

Summer Transition

Maintain 2.0 GPA or above

Intake HA Contract

Meet with office at least once per semester

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​HARBOR PROMISE

Our program for incoming, first-year students focuses on the transition to college life, and finding the answers to 

the inevitable questions you'll have. Harbor Promise aims to provide the 1:1 support to prove that you belong at Harbor!​


Harbor Success is the Second Year Experience program for all students that were members of Harbor 

Promise. Harbor Success aims to help students in ensuring the successful graduation or transfer from Harbor 

College through support from their Counselor and Counseling Assistants. Dedicated counselor and 

counseling assistant Transfer and Life Skills Workshops Professional Development Internships Priority class 

registration Access to other campus programs.

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