​​​LA  Harbor  College  Promise
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LA Harbor College Promise is a program designed to help students who are attending college for the first time, the program assists in support services and financially. The goal of the program is for full-time and part-time students to be successful in their first year or college. Participating students will be able to enjoy the following benefits: free chromebooks (lap-tops), online student success workshops and more.

All interested students need to contact the Harbor College office by phone at (310) 233-4484 or by e-mail at harboradvantage@lahc.edu​  Students who apply and qualify for the program will need to attend the Summer Bridge program (remotely) during Summer 2020 and thus will be able to receive the Promise benefits from Fall 2020 until the end of the Spring 2021.

LA Harbor College Promise

* Two Years of Early Registration for all L.A. Promise 
(LACP) Students *
Early Registration for Two full Years: Fall, Winter, and Spring semesters.

* Free Chromebooks * 
For all new L.A. Promise (LACP) students.


​​​Harbor Advantage students are highly encouraged to attend at least two workshops per semester. Workshops include components such as Student Support, Academic, and Workplace Readiness. See below​ for a list of workshops during the Spring 2020​ semester. Many programs DO require workshop attendance, so feel free to join us anytime! Make an appointment with your success coach so they can support you in planning out your semester so you get the most out of the opportunities available to you at no extra cost.​


Workshops Calendar