The Los Angeles C ollege Promise removes the financial, academic and personal obstacles to start your college education.

It will seamlessly transition graduating LAUSD students to full-time LACCD students. This will lead to college completion, enhance social mobility and equity for students, and a more robust local economy.

Through L.A. Promise the LAUSD and Charter High Schools can receive a one year of free full-time enrollment to all students graduating in 2019.  They will also be participating in a Summer Orientation   to prepare students for college; assistance completing  Financial Aid forms, a structured class schedule, tutoring and priority  registratio n.

To qualify:

  • Student must be a 2019 graduate of a  LAUSD or Charter school.

  • Student must attend a full time schedule  (12 to 15 units)

  • Complete FAFSA and/or BOGG Fee  Waiver or Dream Act application.

To apply for the benefits of the LA College Promise, click on this link:  Apply for LA Promise

To learn more about the LA College Promise, click on this link: FREQUENTLY  ASKED  QUESTIONS

For more information on this exciting program call or E-mail at:

    * 310.233.4330

    * outreach@lahc.edu