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Los Angeles Harbor College Nursing and CNA / HHA Health Packets

The Nursing Packets for the LAHC Registered Nursing Program are very extensive and MUST be done

correctly. Nurse Carole Stevenson is willing to review all nursing packets in the Student Health Center 

(Tech Building 115) before they are turned in. Packets must be completed by the first day of classes. 

The following are the requirements:

1. Titers

A titer is a blood test that measures the level of immunity a person has to a certain disease. If the person is exposed to the disease and the titer show immunity, they will not be at risk for infection. For the nursing program, titers are required for the diseases Measles (rubeola), Mumps, Rubella, Hepatitis B, and Varicella. Titers must be less than 5 years old upon entering the program.

2. Serology (RPR), CBC, and Urinalysis

A serology, also known as an RPR or VDRL, is a blood test that screens for the disease syphilis. A CBC is a complete blood count and it includes hematocrit and hemoglobin.  The urinalysis is a urine test for blood, protein and other urinary components. It does not test for drugs. These tests must be updated every 2 years by all nursing students.

3. Physical Exam

The physical exam is done by Dr. Traughber in the Health Center on Wednesdays between 10:00am - 12:00pm. Physicals must be updated every two years.  Please come prior to Wednesday at 10:00 am to have all forms and pre-physical items completed.

4. Tuberculosis clearance

a. A 2‐step TB skin test is required for all nursing students. The student receives the first TB test on one arm then receives another two‐three weeks later, on the opposite arm. Both TB tests must be read 48‐72 hours after the shot is administered. A regular one‐step TB test must be done yearly after the student has received a 2-step TB test. If the student has ever had a positive TB test, a chest x‐ray is required for TB clearance. Chest x-rays must be updated yearly.  The date the TB test became positive is essential information before the chest x‐ray is ordered.

5. Vaccinations

a. Hepatitis B, Influenza, and Tdap (Tetanus/pertussis) vaccines are required for all nursing students. Hepatitis A, a highly recommended vaccine, is a 2‐dose series and Hepatitis B is a 3-dose series. The combined vaccine Hepatitis A and B is a 3-dose series.   Tetanus must be updated every 10 years. Influenza vaccine is annual.

b. If a student has a negative titer, a booster vaccine must be given, and another titer drawn after 30 days.

The entire nursing packet can be completed in the Student Health Center by Nurse Carole. If you have insurance or can get the tests done elsewhere, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you bring all paperwork and results to Nurse Carole for a final review of your packet.​​​​

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