​​​​​​​Welcome to Veterans' Services!
*We've moved! Come check us out in our new location, GC 107!*

Los Angeles Harbor College (LAHC) has a dedicated support system designed to ensure that the needs of our military affiliated students are met.  It is of higthest p​riority that every Veteran, Veteran-Dependent, Veteran-Spouse, Reservist, Active-Duty, or Active-Duty Spouse enrolled at LAHC is provided with the resources to best pr​​omote the success of their personal academic goals.  Our LAHC Veterans' Services includes but is not limited to a veteran dedicated specific counselor, certifying official, referrals, veteran specific tutoring, workshops, and VA Work-Study opportunities.  The LAHC Veterans' Services works closely with a designated "Military Friendly" campus, specific Veteran Professors, and a large network of resources within the surrounding Los Angeles Veteran Community.

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VA Educational Benefits
With an experienced School Certifying Official as well as a specified Veteran Counselor, using VA Educational Benefits at LAHC is a seamless process. Whatever benefit you are entitled to, we are dedicated to walking you through the process to receiving your earned benefits as swiftly as possible. Please review the benefits descriptions on our Education Benefits link or contact one of our representatives with any questions.

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Veteran Resource Center (VRC)
The Veteran's Center has moved to GC 107

Office of Financial Aid & Veteran Affairs
is located in the Student Services & Admin (SSA) Building, Suite 116.